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About Us

The Blue Leaf is owned and headed by Gerard who has had the pleasure of working with flowers for over 20 years - his experiences had been wide and far-fetched – realizing his destiny is to create arrangements that bewilder your imagination.

The Team at The Blue Leaf provides a complete selection of personal, corporate floral and gifting for any occasion – fresh flowers, gift baskets, balloons and plants. 

Our floral arrangements are artistically arranged with the freshest flowers and delivered personally to ensure it arrives in premium condition and enjoyed immediately.

We sit and meet with our client to discuss the theme, the colors and the mood to develop a creative style to our client’s needs.


“When an arrangement is delivered - the flowers bring on a smile and you feel a little flutter.  You read the message card.  An immediate surge of love triggers your heart and with the card held snugly between your palm and your heart, you settle in to an aura of unconditional love.”
G. Clark



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