Vsmart Extensions


Frequently Asked Questions


How to care for your flowers:

  • Receiving a Bouquet
    On the second day after receiving a bouquet, remove the wrapper from the flowers. Fill vase with 2 – 3 cm of water.  You can add the flower food packet to the fresh water.
    Cut off approximately 2cm off bottom of the stem and place immediately into vase.
    Repeat the above again the day after – fourth day.
    Best not to place arrangement near electrical equipment, as the heat will cause the flower to wilt faster.
    Some arrangements may arrive with the flowers in tight compact bud form – the buds will need time to bloom, a day or two, depending on the flowers - tulips, lilies, iris, roses.

  • Receiving an Arrangement
    On the second day, ensure the green sponge is wet – just pour water onto green sponge till water is soaked.

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